Legal counsel:
Take advantage of our in-house legal counsel to guide you through the intricacies of business and tax law.
Access to our IT experts:
Our resident IT team is at your disposal. Having worked at a Fortune 500 data & analytics company, our Chief Digital Officer is there to offer you advice, field questions and provide guidance.
Business development planning:
We give you access to advice from our business professionals; Executives who have worked and excelled in both corporate and start-up environments. On appointment these “tutors” will be open to field questions and provide advice on how to move your start-up forward.
Introductions to Investors:
Having developed your business model to a point where you feel comfortable approaching investors, we will aid you in reaching out to our investor groups and securing those funds for the next step forward.
Networking events:
Take full advantage of tech-orientated events. Connect with the wider Orange County tech community, meet potential investors, and take advice from industry experts.
Member’s community:
Working alongside other tech start-ups going through the same processes as you are, often offer up unforeseen opportunities and benefits. Lacking a critical area of expertise in the development of your product? Your neighbor could provide the answer. Use the shared, flexible workspace to discuss and exchange valuable ideas.

Orange County Coworking

  • FAST Wifi
  • Modern Workspaces
  • Stocked Fridge
  • EASY Parking
  • 24/7 Access
  • Conference Rooms